Simple pricing

A one-time setup fee plus a yearly fee.

One-time setup fee

Depending on your
organisation requirements
  • full-fledged ticketing system including all features
  • personalised setup
  • personalised training
  • customized reporting
  • import of historical data

Yearly fee

Depending on your
yearly volume
How it works:
  • Select and prepay for the number of tickets you expect to use annually*.
  • Receive discounts for larger ticket volumes, with higher volumes yielding greater savings.
*If you exceed your prepaid tickets, you will be invoiced for the extra tickets at the end of the year.

Frequently asked questions

How are tickets counted?
  • Any ticket within a confirmed order (this includes all sold tickets).
  • Any ticket that has been scanned.
  • All tickets within a bundle (the bundle itself is not counted).
  • Products or vouchers sold are considered as tickets.
  • Every ticket is counted only once.

So these tickets are not counted:

  • Tickets that were not sold and not used in another way.
  • Tickets that were delivered to a partner or donor but were not used (not scanned and not in a confirmed order)
  • Tickets that were removed from an order and not scanned.

Note that you have access to the real-time numbers within your account.

What about payment handling costs?

Ticketmatic relies on specialized third-party payment service providers (PSP's) to process your online payment transactions. Payment handling costs depend on the agreement you make with the PSP. They will charge the payment fee directly to you. Currently, Ticketmatic supports Mollie and Stripe. You are free to select the PSP that best suits your needs.

What happens if I did not use my yearly volume?

Nothing, there are no refunds and there is no transfer of credits to the next year.

Are there any paying options?

Yes, there is a yearly subscription for the optional Email marketing tool depending on the number of marketing emails you send.

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